• Simple and effective way of mobile advertisement and mobile traffic accessing

  • Pre-emption, private bidding and open bidding are supported under the mode of RTB and the real-time bidding and non-real-time bidding are compatible.

  • Guarantee effectiveness of both brand advertising and performance advertising

  • One-stop access: 10k+mobile software developers, 6 billion times of ad impression from 200k+ applications every day

  • Covering 80 million Indian smartphones every day

  • Multi-dimensional ad frequency capping

  • Matching precisely to terminal traffic according to the formats of ads

  • Comprehensive audience analysis helps fully understand every ad demand of the terminal and push every ad precisely truly realizing the bonus of the era of "information finding people"


  • Convenient and high-value way of content monetizing and SDK with user self-growth engine can not only realize monetization but also lead to the user self-propagation and user self-growth.

  • One-stop accessing to globally leading mobile advertising platform(Facebook Audience Network,Admob)

  • Rich advertisement formats: banner ads、screen ads、opening ads、native ads

  • Ad delivering speed with millisecond precision ensures the ad impression revenue Secondary propagation doubles the revenue sharing the ad revenue with users.

  • Ensuring eCPM based on big data analysis、Profile matching and RTB transactional model

  • Independent and transparent report settlement

  • Integration of the most advanced technology (API、SDK,H5)

  • The only access platform of content information flow in India, 19 Indian local languages, updating 100k+ copyrighted content every day, bringing together all kinds of hot contents of entertainment、sports、relationships、humor and so on in India