Lopscoop is an internet product of MoppoMobi focusing on Indian native pan-entertainment content and it provides solutions for monetizing of Content Affiliate Service.

Bollywood, cricket, humor and celebrity gossip are all contents that attract Indian people and take up 80% of the time of their daily reading. All kinds of news that people care about every day are integrated by Lopscoop and published on the platform in both English and Indian spoken by over 90% of Indian users. Popular content is updated in real time to offer users abundant reading resources and information.

Now Lopscoop has a creative team of more than 80 people in Delhi, India. Combined with UGC and signed copyright cooperation, it has more than 3000 articles of great quality updated every day.In addition, we have more than 30 people in Shanghai, China who are responsible for the developing, marketing and promoting of Lopscoop. Now, more than 1 million daily active users shown on this app and the number is still growing rapidly.

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Privacy protection policy

Lopscoop platform attaches great importance to user's privacy protection. Lopscoop will keep personal information of registered users confidential. Lopscoop promise not to disclose information to the third party without users’ permission except the following circumstances:

1.External disclosure based on provisions of the state laws and regulations;

2. External disclosure due to the requirement of the state judicial organs and other relevant authorities based on statutory procedures;

3. External disclosure in order to protect the legal rights and interests of you and Lopscoop platform.

In addition, in case of the following circumstances, Lopscoop platform also doesn't need to take any responsibility:

1. Data leakage when users tell the registration information to others or share with others.

2.Personal information leakage or loss caused by force majeure like temporary closure when there are hacker attacks, computer virus invasions or government regulation.

Password security

Lopscoop platform users ensure their account safety by creating password. Please do not share your account information. If you share a computer with others, please log out Lopscoop platform to ensure that your information will not be taken by others

Changes to the privacy policy

We may modify this privacy policy. We will publish a notification if we modify it to alert users the content changed and instruct users to read the updated privacy policy. If you still use this website after releasing any slight change of the privacy policy, it means you agree to comply with any such modification

If you have any questions for this privacy policy, please contact us:contact@moppomobi.com


Acceptance of the terms of service

Once the user has completed the registration process, all terms of this agreement are deemed to be fully accepted.

Service description

Lopscoop platform provide users with mobile advertising service. Lopscoop platform reserves the right of suspending any part of this website service for maintenance, upgrades, or other reasons without prior notification. Lopscoop platform reserves the right to change services.

User behavior

Users using the services provided by Lopscoop platform, shall not release the following information or applications:

1.Violating the basic principles of the constitution;

2. Endangering state security, leaking state secrets, subversion, undermining national unity;

3. Damaging to the nation's honor and interests;

4. Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;

5. Destroying country's religious policy, promoting cults and feudal superstition;

6. Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and undermining social stability;

7. Spreading obscenity, pornography, gamble, violence, murder, terrorism or abetting crime;

8. Insulting or slandering others, infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;

9. Containing other contents that are prohibited by laws and administrative rules and regulations.

Users shall not use any unfair means to damage the interests and reputations of the platform and other users of this platform.

Once the users violate one or more provisions above, the platform has the right to terminate the cooperation.

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